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Gestational Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child she is not genetically related to for a commissioning couple or person. Surrogacy arrangements can be complex undertakings for both the commissioning couple and the gestational surrogate. Therefore, it is important that patients are well informed about the steps involved. Here, we try to outline some of the key issues and steps required when pursuing a surrogacy arrangement.

Gestational Surrogacy

  • Women with congenital absence of the uterus or prior hysterectomy.
  • Women with untreatable intra-uterine scar tissue.
  • Women with untreatable recurrent pregnancy loss.
  • Women with a contraindication for pregnancy (e.g. heart disease, cystic fibrosis).
  • Women who have received pelvic or abdominal radiation for cancer.
  • Same sex male couples who want to conceive.